AH series 4-W 5,000-7,000lbs


  • Big capacity battery
  • Anti-corrosive application
  • High performance imported battery
  • Charger
  • Rear working light
  • Super elastic solid tyre
  • Non-marking tyre
  • Left and right rear view mirror
  • Resistance to corrosive salt spray
  • 24V output
  • Reversing hand grip with horn switch
  • Wider fork carriage
  • Other dimension load backrest
  • Other dimension forks
  • Duplex mast with full free lift
  • Triplex mast with full free lift
  • Integrated sideshift
  • Other attachments
  • Writing board
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High frequency MOSFET controller provides accurate control of travelling, lifting with better adjustable performance, motor and battery match each other better. Three braking are applied with regenerative braking, reverse current braking, parking brake and auto speed control on gradient.lt is more energy saving and effectively. Traveling motor with the middle electric bridge structure is applied 18. 5Kw large motor. 25. 4Kw super AC pump motor with high efficiency system is not only with full protection functions but also with temperature sensor, speed sensor, which provides better reliability and long working life. Integrated wet-discbrake axle, the maintenance free wet-disc brake is Standard specification. Noise level below 74dB (A).The rear axle which adopted soft type hang system, improves the driver’s comforts.

Suspension seat use high-class Grammer MSG65, which has the OPS function of locking forklift truck’ s forward/backward, mast’ s lifting/lowing, tilting and side shifting etc. Parking brake with buzzer, which means when parking brake is released at Key off position, the buzzer is operated. Steering wheel, armrest and reversing handle are all equipped with horn button, which can warn surrounders. PIN code access system with 99 passwords can be set, provides easy management.

Main Parts
Motor controllers, connectors, power plug, emergency switch, dashboard, accelerator are all applied world famous brands, ensure the reliability of good performance and provide easy service. Emergency switch is standard specification which meets the Euro safety regulation.There is overloading protection for eletronics and hydraulic system.The whole truck meets CE certificate.

Excellent Ergonomic
New Big LED dashboard is easy to see, with comprehensiveindicator lights,and provides friendly human-computer interaction.The operator can monitor the truck operation at a glance.

1.Good stability and operator comfortability is provided due to low truck gravity.Thanks to the new designed ergonomically small diameter steering wheel, reduce the driver fatigue. 210mm adjustable distance of seat, the steering column can be adjusted for an optimal position in relation to the operator. Softylanding system is equipped, when forks low to 60-100mm to the ground, the soft landing system is auto turn on, which to avoid the damage of the ground and protection to the lifting goods. New designed broad view mast provides better forward view ability. Low noise, no exhaust emission, low energy consumption, are all environment friendly.
2.Also in combination with high comfort seat.Comfortable handing operations by keeping the arm on the armrest.Multi adjustable armrest ensures ergonomic position for each individual operator. Armrest uses seat suspension to absorb road shocks.Left hand always free for immediate steering.Less operator fatigue,increased productivity.

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