A series 4-W 8,000-10,000lbs


  • Solid tyre
  • Non-marking tyre
  • 3rd or 4th hydraulic function
  • 2.5-5 meters duplex mast
  • 4.0-6 meters triplex mast
  • Rear working LED light
  • Reversing assist grip with horn button
  • Integrated side shift
  • Other attachments
  • Other dimension forks
  • Special carriage and backrest
  • Big capacity battery
  • Battery side roll-out
  • Fingertip control on the adjustable armrest
  • Suspension seat
  • Cold store protection
  • Full closed cabin
  • Blue spot light
  • Alarm lamp
  • Lateral rearview mirror
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It follows the entire profile of appearance of A series, with clear lines on side of the truck, and smooth transition to counter weight. These lines are shaped as an integral whole, with powerful visual tension.

1.Fully-openable cover enables easy maintenance of battery.
2.Easy-to-open airtight cover plate realizes easier debugging and maintenance of electric control system, and avoids the system from invasion of rain and dust.
3.The brushless, maintenance-free AC drive motor reduces operation cost significantly.
4.The option of side roll out battery is very convenient for fast, efficient, and safe replacement of battery, and is suitable for continuous work conditions.

1.The adjustable, small-diameter steering wheel with tilt designed based on ergonomics offers good hand feeling, and the seat can also be adjusted forward and backward, which can provide best driving position for the operator.
2.Head-up display are applied to increase visibility, operability of meters, thus with higher driving safety.
3.Silent running of entire truck, with extremely small vibration, offers more comfortable acoustical environment for the operator.
4.Integrated control valve makes levers be placed at the most comfortable position for hands, resulting in lower labor intensity of the operator.

High Performance
1.Electromagnetic brake is used as service brake, instead of traditional hand brake, which realizes intelligent parking brake, with lower labor intensity of the operator, and higher safety.
2.Soft landing system lowers descending speed automatically when fork reaches the height range of 100-60mm from the ground, so as to reduce vibration of the entire truck, and provide effective protection for goods.
3.Full AC configuration includes AC traction motor + AC pump motor; With higher performance of entire truck, and longer battery life.
4.Efficient driving control system of high-frequency MOSFET integrated controller guarantees smooth and accurate control on driving and lifting, superior speed regulation performance, with regenerative braking, reverse braking, anti-slipping on slope and other functions, resulting in more efficient, safer, and more comfortable operations.
5.The application of load sensing hydraulic power steering technology realizes reliable, sensitive, and easy steering; distribution of optimized oil in steering oil circuit and working oil circuit increases efficiency of hydraulic system.
6.LED lights for entire truck reduce energy consumption.

Reliability & Safety
1.The internationally advanced parallel arrangement is adopted for traction motor, and the battery is sunken to chassis, resulting in lower gravity center and better stability of entire truck.
2.Flexible steering system, with smaller turning radius, allows stable turnaround within confined passageway.

Easy operating and maintenance
1.Major electrical components such as motor controller, contactor, power plug, and emergency power off switch are all of foreign famous brands.
2.Major load bearing parts such as carriage, drive axle, steering axle, and mast are all designed with high strength to satisfy high-strength work conditions.
3.As a standard configuration, the emergency power off switch complies with European safety standards.
4.Dual overload protection systems of electronic and hydraulic modes are adopted.

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