A series 3-W 3,000-4,000lbs


  • 3rd or 4th hydraulic function
  • 2.5-4.5 meters duplex mast
  • 4.3-6.5 meters triplex mast
  • Rear working LED light
  • Reversing assist grip with horn button
  • Integrated sideshifter
  • Other attachments
  • Other dimension forks
  • Special carriage and backrest
  • Big capacity battery
  • Non-marking tyre
  • Battery charger
  • Battery side roll-out (Using pallet truck or trolley)
  • Fingertip control on the adjustable armrest
  • Cold store protection
  • Suspension seat
  • Full closed cabin
  • Socket for other equipment
  • Blue spot light
  • OPS system
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Compact design meets the limited space operation requirement. Eyeball catching designed smooth outline and metal material applied for exposed parts, all provide robust construction of the A series three-pivot electric counterbalance forklift truck.

Front dual separated driving motors can realize the wheels forward or backward independently, the small turning radius is suitable for narrow channel; Imported reducer, high power driving motor provides a reliable and strong performance.

High Efficiency
1 .High power pump motor and low noise gear pump, both improve the lifting speed and work efficiency.
2. Regenerative braking during deceleration is more energy saving and effectively .

1.Thanks to the new designed adjustable levers, the operator can work more comfortable. New designed dashboard is easy to see and provides friendly human-computer interaction and with running hours, self diagnosis functions and the battery power show.
2.Both the steering column and seat can be adjusted easily, every operator can find the best driving position.
3.Low vibration and suspension seat reduce the driver’s fatigue.

1. Sinking type battery layout provides good stability especially during cornering.
2.The soft landing system protects the forks from dashing against the ground.

1.Emergency switch is standard specification which meets the Euro safety regulation.
2.Both electronics and hydraulic system are equipped with overloading protection system.
3.Driving speed is automatically reduction during cornering.

1.Full opened battery cover is easy for battery service and changing.
2.The service engineer can remove the front floor board without any tool, it is convenient for the maintenance.

1. World famous controller, connectors, battery plug and emergency switch are applied to ensure the reliability of the performance and provides easy service.
2.High frequency MOSFET integrated control system provides accurate control of travelling, lifting and better adjustable performance that better matchs with the motor. No roll-back on ramp is also provided thanks to MOSFET controller. Motor brake is for regenerative braking during deceleration, direction changing, and downward slope.

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